Ivor W. Hartmann, Zimbabwean writer, editor, publisher, visual artist, and author of Mr. Goop (Vivlia, 2010). Nominated for the UMA Award (‘Earth Rise’, 2009), awarded The Golden Baobab Prize (‘Mr. Goop’, 2009), and finalist for The Yvonne Vera Award (‘A Mouse amongst Men’, 2011). His writing has appeared in African Writing Magazine, Wordsetc, Munyori Literary Journal, Something Wicked, The Apex Book of World SF V2, Litro, and other publications. He runs the StoryTime micro-press, publisher of the African Roar annual anthologies and AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers anthology, and is on the advisory board of Writers International Network Zimbabwe.

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11 September 2015

AfroSFv2 Cover and TOC release!

Continuing the groundbreaking tradition of the first volume AfroSFv2 is an exciting anthology of five original SF novellas by African writers.

Table of Contents

‘The Last Pantheon’
Tade Thompson & Nick Wood
An epic superhero face-off thousands of years in the making.

‘Hell Freezes Over’
Mame Bougouma Diene
Long after the last skyscraper has drowned who remains and how will they survive?

‘The Flying Man of Stone’
Dilman Dila
When ancient technology seems like magic legends live again in the midst of war and sides will be chosen.

Andrew Dakalira
A space shuttle crash, the numeral eight, serial murders, what connects them all could end humanity.

‘Paradise City’
Efe Tokunbo Okogu
Change is coming to Paradise city and it won’t be pretty, but if this is paradise then heaven must be hell in need of a revolution.

Editor: Ivor W. Hartmann
Title: AfroSFv2
Publisher: StoryTime
Release: 1st December 2015

08 April 2015

"Last Wave" published, translated, and won third place in the inaugural Jalada Prize for Literature!

My short story "Last Wave" published in Jalada's Afrofuture(s) anthology, translated into Swahili by Okwiri Oduor for the bonus edition, and won third place in the inaugural Jalada Prize for Literature!

03 April 2015

Interview in This Is Africa

New interview out, talking about publishing and writing with Bwesigye Bwa Mwesigire in This Is Africa: StoryTime’s Ivor Hartmann: Carrying the flag for independent (donor-free) African publishers "If someone talks about African genre-publishing and writing and omits Ivor Hartmann, ask them to do their homework and return. Ivor’s StoryTime has always had an eye for genre-fiction, even when he does not necessarily sideline literary fiction. Learn about the growth of the company from the time they published the StoryTime online magazine to publishing sci-fi..."

02 October 2014

African Roar 2014 Released!

African Roar 2014 released!

From the introduction to African Roar 2014:

Writers have a long tradition of breaking new ground, and African writers are no exception to this tradition. We don’t wait for publishers who wait for markets to become established, no, we jump into the deep end and form those markets ourselves. Whether it’s a publishing collective, micro-press, small press, blogs, tweets, magazines, spoken word events, or even handing out photocopies on street corners, we find a way to make ourselves heard. We do this not for some ethereal ideology, but because for us, writing and being read is an imperative no less strong than the act of breathing. It haunts our lives, driving us forward into acts of creativity we couldn’t have dreamed possible had we stopped and instead questioned ourselves into muteness.
Certainly, there is always a place for discussion and constructive criticism, always, but it should never lessen our imperative, our blind impulse. Creativity is an unknown quantity, a wild card in the human story without which we would have bored ourselves into extinction. As writers we understand this intuitively perhaps, we also understand that creativity is a communal experience; it cannot exist in a vacuum.
This is why in a continent as vast as Africa, literature initiatives no matter how small are so needed. In this age there is no longer any excuse to sit back and complain about, no, for every complaint there is an opportunity to go and do something about it—we all have that power as individuals and communally. And indeed this is exactly what many of us are doing across the continent as this is truly a new age for African literature. Gone are the gatekeepers, gone is the time of anyone picking and choosing what our narratives shall be, and gone is the single story. What is left now is for us to but realise it and go forth and get on with it. We have the readers, we have the audience. Africa, despite what anyone may say, is a continent of avid readers in many mediums, and we have a continent of storytellers to match their thirst word for word in all genres conceivable.

It gives me great pleasure to bring to you the fifth African Roar, indeed how time has flown. For five years now Emmanuel Sigauke and I have edited and published some of the most exciting new fiction from African writers—mostly upcoming writers, many of whom now have thriving, even lauded, writing careers. Indeed this was always the idea of StoryTime, to provide an independent Pan-African publishing platform for new voices and explorations, and in this I feel we have succeeded and surpassed our original expectations. - Ed. Ivor W. Hartmann

African Roar 2014 at Amazon
African Roar 2014 at Amazon UK
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African Roar 2014 at Amazon Germany
African Roar 2014 at Amazon France
African Roar 2014 at Amazon Spain
African Roar 2014 at Amazon Italy
African Roar 2014 at Amazon Brazil
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African Roar 2014 at Amazon Australia

African Roar 2014 is volume five of the African Roar annual anthology dedicated to publishing excellent new and original short fiction by emerging and established African writers. Selected from submissions open to all African writers on the continent and abroad. Edited by Ivor W. Hartmann.

Table of Contents:
Introduction - Ivor W. Hartmann
'Flight' Jayne Bauling
'My Wedding Day' Obinna Ozoigbo
'The Side Dish' Edwin P. Magezi
'Beth's Aid' Tabitha Wanja Mwangi
'Talking to a Lizard' Obinna Udenwe
'Coming Home in a Box' Olorunfunmi Demilade Temitope
'The Bell Not Touched' Nonso Uzozie
'Spinoza's Monad' Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso
'A Salute to Safety Sam' Tendai Machingaidze

16 September 2014

New story published 'Catwalk' in Litro#137: Future Fashions

"This was Chiedza’s first catwalk and she was pregnant with anxiety. The roar of the crowd like a thousand bees in her brain pummelled through the skin curtains leading to the great hall and the runway that bisected it... Read the full story here.

02 August 2014

African Roar 2014 Cover and TOC release!

African Roar 2014

Table of Contents

Flight - Jayne Bauling
My Wedding Day - Obinna Ozoigbo
The Side Dish - Edwin P. Magezi
Beth's Aid - Tabitha Wanja Mwangi
Talking to a Lizard - Obinna Udenwe
Coming Home in a Box - Olorunfunmi Demilade Temitope
The Bell Not Touched - Nonso Uzozie
Spinoza's Monad - Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso
A Salute to Safety Sam - Tendai Machingaidze

Cover artwork 'Spirit of Hope' by Victor Mavedzenge (http://www.mavedzenge.com/)

23 July 2014

"A Mouse Amongst Men" selected for The 20 in Twenty

"A Mouse Amongst Men" selected for The 20 in Twenty: The Best Short Stories of South South Africa’s Democracy. Very happy and humbled to be selected for inclusion amongst such awesome writers whose works I greatly admire (like Zukiswa Wanner, Niq Mhlongo, Sarah Lotz, Ivan Vladislavic, and Siphiwo Mahala, to name a few). Many thanks to Tiah Beautement (SSDA), Ben Williams (BL), Minister for Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa, and the judges Fiona Snyckers, Karabo Kgoleng, Mandla Langa, and Mtutuzeli Matshoba.

17 October 2013

African Roar 2013 released!

Title: African Roar 2013
Editor: Emmanuel Sigauke
Publisher: StoryTime
Release: 16th October 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9870089-8-5 (Ebook Edition)

Table of Contents:
"Home" Alison S. Erlwanger
"Business as Usual" Jayne Bauling
"Salvation in Odd Places" Aba Amissah Asibon
"The Faces of Fate" Abdulghani Sheikh Hassan
"In Bramble Bushes" Dipita Kwa
"Transitions" Barbara Ruwende-Mhangami
"A Yoke for Companionship" Andiswa Maqutu
"The Puppets of Maramudhu" Dilman Dila
"Through The Same Gate" Bwesigye Bwa Mwesigire
"The Spaces in-between" A.B. Doh
"Anti Natal" Mike Ekunno
"Green Eyes and an Old Photo" Ola Nubi
"Cut It Off" Lydia Matata

20 December 2012

African Roar 2012 ebook edition released today!

African Roar 2012 ebook edition released today and available at all Amazon sites worldwide:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Amazon Spain
Amazon Italy
Amazon Japan
Amazon California
Amazon Brazil

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