Ivor W. Hartmann is a Zimbabwean writer, editor, publisher, and visual artist. Awarded The Golden Baobab Prize (2009), finalist for the Yvonne Vera Award (2011), selected for The 20 in Twenty: The Best Short Stories of South Africa’s Democracy (2014), awarded third in the Jalada Prize for Literature (2015), and Nommo Awards nomination (2017). His works have appeared in many publications. He runs the StoryTime micro-press, publisher of the African Roar and AfroSF series of anthologies. He is a founding member of the African Speculative Fiction Society, and on the advisory board of Writers International Network Zimbabwe.

08 May 2011

"'A Mouse amongst Men' to be performed at Stories on Stage (Sacramento)" and "Part Two of the OGOV roundtable on African writing now out"

The award winning reading series of short fiction read by actors, Stories on Stage (Sacramento), is featuring African writers on June 24. And I'm happy to say one of my unpublished contemporary short stories 'A Mouse amongst Men' has been selected.

Part Two of the 6th OGOV round-table discussion on African writing and the internet, join the conversation... Read More.

06 May 2011

"Remembering Marechera" anthology Submissions Reopened

Dambudzo Marechera (Photo by and © Ernst Schade http://www.ernstschade.com/)Firstly we would like to thank all those who submitted work to the anthology, we greatly appreciated your entries.

We congratulate the following writers whose work has been selected:

Poetry: Abigail George, Yemi Soneye, Tinashe Muchuri, Vivid Gwede, Mukoma Wa Ngugi, and Dami Ajayi.

Essays: Joseph Chikowero, and Josephine Muganiwa.

Short Stories: Raisedon Baya, Austin Kaluba, Tinashe Chiurugwi, Fungai Rufaro Machirori.

Interviews: Tinashe Mushakavanhu and Eric Nzaramba.

We have re-opened submissions until the 29th February 2012, and will be publishing (if all goes well) on Marechera's 60th Birthday next year.

We are looking for excellence in essays, reviews, short stories, poems, and interviews, which show new insights into Marechera's works and life. Fun, interesting, and probing works that feature Marechera, directly or indirectly, as a major theme. What effects did he have personally, socially, in literature, academically, historically, contemporary, and what effects did they have on him? What drove his demons and saints, etc.?

Please may you direct all your submissions here: RM Subs

04 May 2011

"What's hard for you as a writer" and "African writing and the Internet roundtable discussion"

Author Uche Umez asked several fellow writers including me: "What's hard for you as a writer". Read my response (with a slight tongue-in-cheek) at his blog... Read More.

In January I joined several writers in the 6th One Ghana One Voice round-table email discussion about African writing and the Internet. Read the first part of two now published at OGOV and join in the conversation... Read More.

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