Ivor W. Hartmann is a Zimbabwean writer, editor, publisher, and visual artist. Awarded The Golden Baobab Prize (2009), finalist for the Yvonne Vera Award (2011), selected for The 20 in Twenty: The Best Short Stories of South Africa’s Democracy (2014), awarded third in the Jalada Prize for Literature (2015), and Nommo Awards nomination (2017). His works have appeared in many publications. He runs the StoryTime micro-press, publisher of the African Roar and AfroSF series of anthologies. He is a founding member of the African Speculative Fiction Society, and on the advisory board of Writers International Network Zimbabwe.

29 August 2011

'A Mouse amongst Men' published in StoryTime#152

Have now published 'A Mouse amongst Men' for the first time in StoryTime#152:

"I came here to South Africa to survive, fleeing from the stone-cold house my country Zimbabwe had become. I sit here now and the traffic goes by. I re-read repeatedly this torn and tattered book of near-prophecy a fellow countryman once wrote. It’s the only book I own now and all that’s legible of the cover title is the word, Hunger. Once I had bookshelves stuffed with the promise of good reading until my dying days. Once I had a real job, a car, and house. Once I was good looking and stood tall with a gleam of distant horizons waiting to be plundered in my eyes. Once I thought I was a man, now I know I am a mouse... Full Story

24 August 2011

'A Mouse amongst Men' short-listed for the Intwasa Yvonne Vera Award

Happy to announce that my short story 'A Mouse amongst Men' has been short-listed for the Zimbabwean, Intwasa Yvonne Vera Award. Yvonne Vera is one of my favourite writers so it is an honour to be in the running for this award named after her. There's some great writers on the list:

Intwasa Yvonne Vera Award Shortlist 2011

Ango Leonard’s Game - Mercy Dliwayo
A Mouse Amongst Men - Ivor Hartmann
A Moment of Madness - Thamsanqa Never Ncube
A Mixed Multitude - Philip Chidavaenzi
One - Blessing Musariri
Chanting Shadows - Mbonisi Pilani Ncube
The Sound of Silence - Lilian Dube
Memories of a past life - Bongani Ncube
The Last Place on Earth - Kathryn Truscott
Night Riding - Sarah Norman
Mr Pothole - Diana Charsley
Poor Signal - Emmanuel Sigauke
Ndebele is the new colored - Tswarelo Mothobe
Times Change - People Change - Tanya Hunt
Radio Culture is Dead - Elizabeth R. S. Muchemwa

01 August 2011

Update: Something Wicked#12: Short Story

Something Wicked#12 now out and I have a short story The Devil's Advocate in this issue:

"O Royal Emperor Eosphorus, Most Exalted, Ruler and Master of All that Was, Is, and Will Be.

The contents (sealed after these words of introduction), have been painstakingly pieced together from ancient data records. These records handed down the ages as inert sacred relics of another era, were preserved somewhat unwittingly, yet propitiously, by our order..." Read More.

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