Ivor W. Hartmann is a Zimbabwean writer, editor, publisher, and visual artist. Awarded The Golden Baobab Prize (2009), finalist for the Yvonne Vera Award (2011), selected for The 20 in Twenty: The Best Short Stories of South Africa’s Democracy (2014), awarded third in the Jalada Prize for Literature (2015), and Nommo Awards nomination (2017). His works have appeared in many publications. He runs the StoryTime micro-press, publisher of the African Roar and AfroSF series of anthologies. He is a founding member of the African Speculative Fiction Society, and on the advisory board of Writers International Network Zimbabwe.

08 October 2009

New book Cover - Amelias Inheritance by Sarudzai Mubvakure

Just finished a new book cover design - Amelias Inheritance by Sarudzai Mubvakure - to be published soon by The Lion Press.

05 October 2009

Intwasa Arts Festival KoBulawayo 2009

It was my privilege to be invited to participate in the literary section of this years Intwasa Arts Festival in KoBulawayo.

The theme for this, the 5th year of the festival, was "Uni5ying" coined by my friend, author and organiser of the lit section Chris Mlalazi. Running from the 23rd-26th of September the fest was jam packed with events encompassing Literary, Film, Theatre, Dance, Music and Visual Arts, and brought in such names as Ignatius Mabasa, Zukiswa Wanner, Daysahead, Phefumula Arts, Kwabatsha Dance Co. Babmbelela Arts Ensemble, Black Umfolosi and Jahunda Arts Ensamble, to name a few.

For my part I held two workshops focusing on The Online World/Online Publishing and how it affects today's African writer. Both were well received and sparked much interest from the attendee's and covered several areas including:

It’s all about International Exposure, Once you work is online its kiss it goodbye, International Publishers are looking for Online Active Writers, How Search works and Why it’s so important, What Online Social Platforms are worth the effort, Consistency Rules all Online Popularity Growth, and lastly, Why Digital Books are the Future (not present).

All in all Intwasa Arts Festival Ko Bulawayo 2009 was an amazing experience, my profound thanks go to Nicholas Moyo and Chris Mlalazi for inviting me and making the fest a roaring success with their consummate planning and organisation. And also to my literary partner in crime at the fest, Zukiswa Wanner, who showed this first-timer how it's done.

04 October 2009

Inside the Caves of Rotten Teeth - A Review by Ivor W. Hartmann at AfricanWriter.com

...There is a wonderful quality to Barrett’s style of writing evident in From Caves of Rotten Teeth, from vivid descriptions and dialogue, to heart wrenching circumstance and fiendish plots. It is I feel written with a bold and noble spirit, one that shines to illuminate the good, bad, beautiful, grotesque, brave, cowardly, happy and insane. In this Barrett almost leaves no stone unturned, no matter what may crawl out into the light... Full Review at African Writer

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