Ivor W. Hartmann, Zimbabwean writer, editor, publisher, visual artist, and author of Mr. Goop (Vivlia, 2010). Nominated for the UMA Award (‘Earth Rise’, 2009), awarded The Golden Baobab Prize (‘Mr. Goop’, 2009), and finalist for The Yvonne Vera Award (‘A Mouse amongst Men’, 2011). His writing has appeared in African Writing Magazine, Wordsetc, Munyori Literary Journal, Something Wicked, The Apex Book of World SF V2, Litro, and other publications. He runs the StoryTime micro-press, publisher of the African Roar annual anthologies and AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers anthology, and is on the advisory board of Writers International Network Zimbabwe.

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30 November 2012

AfroSF eBook edition released!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the AfroSF eBook editon now available on Amazon.
It has been a real honour to edit and publish AfroSF, the very first pan-African SciFi anthology. I am proud of all the stories in this anthology and the remarkable journey we have made together to publish it. I couldn't have imagined an anthology of this strength, uniqueness, and quality of work, when I first embarked on this project in 2011 with nothing more than a hope and a dream. We have created an anthology that will forever be in the history books of African literature, and literature as a whole. We have broken a long-standing majority silence when it comes to writing about our future from our African perspective. I truly hope many more African writers will be greatly emboldened to follow suit, to envision any and all futures that we quite rightly have something to say about, and a say in, as African people.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivor,

I've had a search around without any luck. Is there somewhere I can buy an epub version of this book? Thanks.

Ivor W. Hartmann said...

Hi lauredhel, my understanding is that if you get the free reading kindle app for your ipad (or whatever device is using epub) then you will get it in the right format for your device.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivor, I don't read on a tablet. I read on a Kobo ereader, which reads a variety of non-proprietary formats, as do most ereaders.

Ivor W. Hartmann said...

Ah, right, then I suggest you get Calibre (its free), buy and download the book from Amazon onto your pc, add it into Calibre, convert if required into epub, and then upload it to your kobo.

Anonymous said...

Ah! There's no DRM? I didn't see that anywhere in your marketing materials. Might be a good idea to advertise it, it influences people's book-buying decisions :)


Ivor W. Hartmann said...

Yep :), no DRM, not having Amazon delete a book bought from StoryTime for whatever reason, a bought book should be yours forever no matter what format its in or whatever you do to piss off Amazon hehehe. It does say "Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited" which is how they say no DRM.

Anonymous said...

Hah! I guess "DRM: No" had too many letters for them.

Purchase made, with thanks.

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